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Florida Business Law

Common business entities include corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. Business law issues include the incorporation of a business, business licensing, the sale and transfer of business interests, and risk management to protect the business. For your Florida incorporation needs, Russell Law and a Florida business law lawyer can help you choose the right corporate entity for your purposes. Whether you need a Florida for-profit corporation, limited liability company, or partnership, Russell Law can help you incorporate your business from the start. In the event you are interested in purchasing or selling an existing business, under Florida Business Purchase and Sales we can assist you with your transactions and preparing the necessary paperwork. Whichever way you choose, a Florida lawyer can help you obtain all the necessary State, County and City licenses that your new business may need to begin its operations. Finally, through a Florida Risk Management analysis, Russell Law can consult with you to protect your business from claims and to help you get paid when you deliver your goods or services.

Florida Contract Law

The basic elements of a contract are an offer, an acceptance of the offer, and consideration for the offer. Consideration is a benefit that a party receives for making or accepting an offer. The most common form of consideration is the payment of money. In advance of the signing of a contract, Russell Law and a Florida lawyer can review your contract and explain your contract rights and obligations. Should you need a custom contract drafted from scratch, we can provide you with Florida contract drafting services to suit your needs. Likewise, Russell Law can draft contract amendments or revisions for your existing Florida contract. Finally, if you have a dispute over a contract or need the same enforced, we can help you with Florida contract litigation to prosecute your case in Court.

Florida Debt Collection

Debt collection is the attempt to collect the debt of another. If you are having trouble collecting those monies that are owed to you, Russell Law can step in and help. In all instances, time is of the essence. The sooner you get the file into our hands, the better your chances are for recovering the debt. We will analyze your collection matter and create a strategy to collect the monies that are owed to you. Russell Law and a Florida debt collection lawyer will file a lawsuit if necessary and in the event of a judgment, take steps against the debtor to collect those monies. After a final judgment has been entered, we will obtain through the court case all asset and income information for the debtor . Our office will conduct formal discovery, take depositions, and use an investigator to locate assets and income. If necessary, we will pursue garnishment and levy as remedies to get you paid on your final judgment. In those events where you have been wrongfully sued for a collection matter, Russell Law and a Florida lawyer can also assist you with the defense of your case. Should a collector use improper collection methods, we can assert and protect your rights.

Florida Fraud Law

Fraud claims involve the making of a false statement of fact with the intention to induce another party to act. Fraud can happen during the negotiation phase for the sale of goods (autos, boats, real estate) or the provision for services (brokers, contractors, mechanics). Another common form of fraud involves civil theft. Civil theft is when one party intentionally induces or deprives another party from the rightful use or possession of property. With the advancement of digital technology and online information, identity theft is also another growing fraud problem. It is very important that you consult with legal counsel as soon as possible once you believe that you have been a victim of fraud. More often than not, the persons that engage in fraudulent schemes have done this to numerous people in the past and are on the move. To have a chance of recovering your damages, you will need to secure legal representation as quickly as possible. Russell Law and a Florida lawyer can help you with Florida fraud claims. We will help you with your Florida fraud case involving misrepresentation, civil theft, or identity theft. Russell Law and a Florida fraud lawyer will sit down with you to obtain all the facts for your fraud case and to create a strategy to recover what is rightfully owed to you.

Florida Insurance Law

Insurance law involves the contractual relationship between an insurance company and its policyholder. The insurance policy is a lengthy and complex written document that contains all the conditions and exclusions for insurance coverage. Certain losses may be excluded from coverage and certain acts or a failure to act by a policy owner may result in the denial of an insurance claim. Disputes arise when there is a denial of insurance coverage, a cancellation of an insurance policy, or if there is an improper adjustment or valuation of a claim. Should your insurance company tell you that there is no coverage for your claim, be sure to have your claim reviewed by Florida insurance lawyer. Always seek the help of a lawyer before you give a written statement or submit to an examination under oath (EUO). Russell Law and a Florida insurance lawyer can help you with your insurance claim if you are having problems getting paid. A Florida lawyer is available to assist you with unpaid insurance claims, insurance coverage disputes, and subrogation claims. We are experienced in handling insurance claims against insurance companies. Insurance companies have lawyers and so should you. Russell Law can help you with unpaid property damage claims for your house, car, or business. We can help you to put your claim in order and submit the same to the insurance company. Russell Law can also assist you if you have been sued by an insurance company that is looking to obtain monies from you for allegedly causing an accident.

Florida Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law involves claims of persons who have been injured as the result of another person’s negligent actions. Those persons whose actions result in injuries to you are responsible for your damages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. Common personal injury claims involve automobile accidents, slip and falls, dog bites and other injuries occurring at homes or places of business. Russell Law and a Florida lawyer are available to help you with your Florida personal injury case. A Florida personal injury lawyer will help you with your personal injury case involving an auto accident, a defective product, premises liability, or any other injury outside of the home caused by another person’s negligence. We can sit down with you to discuss your injury and to develop a strategy for making an effective demand for your damages. If your case is not settled to your satisfaction, Russell Law can file a lawsuit on your behalf to have a jury of your peers decide your claim. If you or a loved one is injured, be sure to consult with legal counsel as soon as possible as evidence of the accident and witnesses of the same must be gathered immediately.

Florida Real Estate Law

Real estate law involves matters related to the use and ownership of real property. Landlord-tenant matters concern the use and possession of land by a lease. Evictions are the legal process by which a landlord seeks possession of the property from the tenant. Landlords are prohibited from using self help measures to remove tenants. Eviction actions must be filed in Court to legally remove a tenant. Real property disputes can arise over the use of land and neighbors can become embroiled in property line disputes. Likewise, unique challenges arise in the ownership and administration of condominiums and homeowner associations. Condominium or homeowner associations may seek to prevent its members from engaging in certain activities or altering the premises. Owners are frequently concerned with repairs for damages to the interior of units, violations of the rules by other members, and election matters for the board. Associations are frequently concerned with payment of maintenance expenses, assessments, and the enforcement of rules. In some instances associations simply need to amend or update their by-laws and rules. Finally, real property transfers involve a formal process of drafting and recording a deed. Unless you know what you are doing, the drafting and recording of a deed should be left to professionals or otherwise you could be creating future title problems for the property. Russell Law and a Florida real estate lawyer are available to assist you with your Florida real estate law issues. A Florida lawyer will help you with your commercial and residential real estate transactions, closings, landlord tenant evictions, condominium association issues, homeowner association issues and real property disputes. Russell Law can review your purchase and sale documents, contracts, closing statements, and financing instruments. We can further assist you as either a landlord or tenant in those cases involving an eviction. Russell Law represents condominium associations and is available to update and draft amendments to the by-laws or condominium documents. We also represent owners in associations so long as they are not members of the associations that we already represent.

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